"Can it be made without gluten?"

Stop wasting time on dietary lookups

Honeycomb finds suitable items for your customers in seconds

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People with dietary needs are the most loyal
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How does it work?

3 simple steps

Step 1: Analyze
We analyze your menu items for key ingredients and allergens.
Step 2: Confirm
Double check our analysis and make any modifications. Usually takes 30 mins.
We provide you with your diet-friendly menu, shareable anywhere.
It's that simple?

Yup. No more scrambling, no more repitition.

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"So can I order this without any cheese?"

Over 30% of people have dietary restrictions

Paleo, celiac, keto, vegan, soy free, & dozens more.

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Dietary analytics

Track everything.

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Basic tracking
Our dietary analytics begin with a basic level of tracking available on all plans. View the most popular dietary selections made by your customers, along with total views for weekly, monthly, and yearly time periods.
Diet distribution
View a detailed pie chart breakdown of all diet level inputs by your customers. More people requesting Paleo but no Paleo options? Honeycomb will help you make informed decisions for menu research and development.
Allergen distribution
Similar to the diet distribution, our Allergen donut chart goes deep and drills down to every ingredient and allergen restriction chosen by your customers. View detailed dietary requests on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
Menu audit
On a premium plan, Honeycomb instantly analyzes your menu and determines how suitable your menu items are for each of our top 6 diets. Scores are generated using the same Executive Chef A.I. used to verify menus. Scores under 5 indicate you should probably look to make your menu more accommodating.
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Food discovery.
You probably spent a lot of time putting together a well crafted menu. So why are you letting your items die of obscurity? Honeycomb makes each of your items discoverable by connecting them to our internet of food.
People with dietary preferences are the most loyal types of customers. By personalizing your menu for each customer, we make it easier for them to find items they can actually eat at your restaurant.
When was the last time a customer called in, emailed, or asked in-store if you could recommend in item for them? Honeycomb is like having an employee that knows your menu inside out, and recommends the most suitable items to customers before they even reach you.
"Do you have any low-carb options?"

Save time & make your customers happier

Join Honeycomb today and create a diet-friendly world.

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How it works

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Honeycomb is currently in BETA. Your feedback is appreciated - please email us here.