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Honeycomb finds you food for ANY diet.

Over 1,000 restaurants & cafes in Metro Vancouver

Filter menu items by any diet

Celiac, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free, allergies, or just plain picky.

Create a custom diet
We support 25+ ingredients & allergens. Choose which ones to avoid by creating a custom diet.
Menu item recommendations.
Honeycomb provides you with personalized menu item recommendations. No more anxiety and endless menu skimming - you’ll only see what’s suitable for you. Additionally, you can view the ingredient contents and modifications for every item.
save time
Find nearby food.
This is the best answer to “What’s good to eat around here?” ever. Our smart menu directory knows all the food that’s nearby, and shows you the best possible options at every location.
SATISFY cravings
Search specific food.
Feel like a salmon burger? Yam fries? Perhaps an avocado kale salad? We’ll find them all. Plus, search by neighborhood, cuisine, pricing, and more.
Your personal guide
Create a custom diet
We support 29+ of the most common allergens and ingredients. In addition to supporting Vegan, Vegetarian, Celiac, Gluten Free, Paleo, Ketogenic (beta), and Fodmap (beta), you can also customize your profile with any other preference.

Executive Chef AI

This is how we analyze menu item ingredients. It's pretty cool.

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App store reviews
Great app! Helps decision making much faster. 10/10 would recommend.
Really great app. Extremely useful when going out with friends or family and not knowing what/where to eat. The options I've been given have always left me not disappointed and the UI is extremely simple to navigate.
This app is really helpful in finding great food options. Sleek design and well made-- strongly recommend others try it.
Honeycomb is currently in BETA. Your feedback is appreciated - please email us here.